"I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul." ~ by Rumi

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Summer Workshops & Classes

( You must pre register online or in person for all workshops, All workshops require a minimum of 3 participants for it to begin, an email will confirm its going forward)

Summer schedule begins June 17 ends Sept 1

Prenatal *Tuesdays (must register 4 classes minimum)

maman & baby Cardio & Yoga *Wednesdays 10-11 am

Hatha Yoga *Wednesdays

Community Yoga *Thursdays 10-11 am (must register 4 classes minimum)

Yoga for all *Saturdays

Kids Yoga *19 Aug-Sept 16

Under the Trees Yoga *19 Aug-Sept 16

Yoga Full Moon *28 june * 27 July *25 Sept

SUP Yoga & picnic *18 Août (5pers minimum required for event)



*** Note to register for a workshop or class you must find the date in the calendar below and follow the link ***

First Visit $10.00                                                        1 Kids yoga class $6.00

Class a la carte $17.00                                                  Parents/Child(1) $12.00

5 Classes$75.00                                                             Parents /Child 4 cours $45.00

10 Classes $140.00                                                         Child 10 Cours $45.00                                                       

15 Classes $195.00                                                          Workshops (1) $20.00                                                    

20 Classes  $250.00                                                         Workshops 8 session $120.00

To buy a workshop or a series of massages or yoga classes click below                                                                                                       

FORFAITS COURS ET ABONNEMENTS : Pas de remboursement sur cours inutilisés des cartes de cours et d'adhésion. Cependant, les cours payé n'expirent pas avant douze mois (sauf les cours pour enfants et les ateliers avec dates fixes), donc vous avez beaucoup de temps pour profiter de votre achat !

Class Packages & Pricing

Thanks for visiting Yoga Grind! Check out our class descriptions or see our calendar above to find the classes and times that work best for you. Please RSVP to insure your space in class.

NOTE: Guided meditation, prenatal and postnatal are sold as a packages of 8 sessions and only with 3 persons registered may a class begin. (8 classes at120$ +tax . An 8 class pass can only apply to these specific classes for a set of specific dates)


CLASS PACKAGES AND MEMBERSHIPS: We do not offer refunds on unused portions of Classes Cards and Memberships. However, Classes do not expire for twelve months so you have plenty of time to enjoy your purchase! 

   yoga, coffee, massagein lasalle
   yoga, coffee, massagein lasalle